Tay's Way Movement

Tay’s Way Movement is here to mobilize the next generation of parents to take back control of their family’s health. It has been created to liberate ourselves from an old system that no longer works for us, serves our highest good or feels aligned.


This movement is for parents who are tired of the same, repetitive dogma on how we “should” raise our children. This movement is for parents who intuitively know there is another way to raise healthy, aware, well-adjusted, conscious critical-thinkers – who will grow up knowing truth, equality, transparency and sovereignty.


Tay’s Way Movement is a return to tradition where we remember our roots and reclaim our innate power.


We know our ancestors did not bring us to this point in time to stay silent or play small.


We are wide awake trail blazers creating our own path.


This movement is built on a foundation of fearless truth seekers who are unafraid to show up in the world as ourselves, parents who are not fooled by division or distraction and refuse to be influenced by limiting beliefs. This is our online home where an inclusive community of families is at our core and power is in the people. We don’t follow the crowd, we intentionally break away from a scarcity culture and societal conditioning that has disempowered us for too long.


Tay’s Way Movement is here to inspire and unleash the WARRIOR in you to BE BRAVE.


Tay’s Way Movement is here to facilitate a safe space for parents to learn and evolve – free from ridicule and judgement. A place where truth bombs are dropped, minds are sparked and souls are lit up.


Tay’s Way Movement is here to equip parents with groundbreaking information and forgotten ancient wisdom, that will restore our confidence as parents and allow us to make truly informed choices for our families.


We are parents who choose LOVE over fear and we will ensure our children have a future full of REAL freedom and TRUE informed consent. We are here to raise the collective vibe and help shift into a new paradigm of parenting that transcends social status, race, religion and beliefs.


Tay’s Way Movement is the home of leaders who dare greatly, the home of free-thinkers who value truth and integrity. A home of people who keep it real, keep it authentic and keep it kind.

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