Who am I?

I am the kinda girl who gets fired up at social injustice, who is kept up at night with big visions on how I can help our community, who feels other people’s suffering deeply, who is moved by the everyday person trying to make a real, epic change for the collectives highest good.

Born and raised out west, I am a home-girl at heart, RnB is my main jam, I am a VBAC Home birthing Mama of two and family to me is absolutely EVERYTHING.

I can write intelligent, grounded posts but am not afraid to drop the occasional F bombs when I need to, “50% deepak, 50% tupac”.

I live for holistic health and thrive off self-education. I am always hungry to learn more and every day I am committed to growing, expanding and evolving.

I have spent the majority of my life living with unhealthy habits, suffered from different dis-ease, abused my precious body and misunderstood the whole mind, body, soul connection.

I know what it feels like to just get by surviving, I know what it feels like to live a toxic lifestyle where there was a pill for my every ill and I was happy to hand my health over to other people.

Thankfully, over the last five years I have uncovered practical tools, sustainable habits and ancient wisdom that launched me onto the path of true self-healing for the first time ever in my life. What I taught myself through self-education and a burning desire to keep learning more about holistic health, enabled me to change my lifestyle for good.

I’ve come to a place in my life where I can hand on my heart say I am THRIVING and no longer just surviving. I will never go back to the old me, the way I live my life today feels too damn good to ever neglect myself or my health ever again.

What gets my soul and heart pumping?

Connecting with like-minded strangers who instantly feel like life-long besties. Reading new scientific literature that exposes the truth about vaccine safety and efficacy. Finding a beautiful, organic wholefoods store that stock all of my favourite things. Late night DNM’s with my darling husband. Dancing in the kitchen with my kids while I make a nourishing meal. Listening to 2pac on the way to a speaking gig. Looking back on old photos of the birth of my sons. Genuine conversations with my soul sisters that excite every cell in my body. Being around my big, crazy, high-vibrational family sharing a hearty feast and laughing with each other.

A little more about me

Ever since I can remember I have always innately lived my truth. Unafraid to live unapologetically for myself, I was born with fearlessness threaded through my DNA. I don’t need others approval and I don’t seek validation off anyone (cue “This is me” from The Greatest Showman). I’ve never struggled with remaining true to myself and I’ve grown up with a happy-go-lucky attitude. I always choose LOVE over fear and see the “glass half full”.

Why am I here?

When I think about what I am here on earth to do, I see myself as a fierce, truth-seeker who is a badass #mamaonamission. I am here to help other parents take back control of their families health. I am here to help them tap back into their intuition and consciously parent by heart.

I am here to create epic change in my lifetime and raise some major social awareness so that I can equip my tribe with the resources, knowledge and confidence they need to make their own informed decisions on behalf of themselves and their loved ones.

Today, we are living amongst a super hostile blame and shame culture, where the system is designed to divide us, the media is constantly distracting us and the truth is always being suppressed or censored. I am here to dismantle all of this, as much as I possibly can, with tools covered in kindness and LOVE.

Professional Cred

I am a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach however I am a huge self-education advocate and big believer that you do not need a qualification to know how to critically think for yourself.

My message to Parents

You know your baby best, only you have your child’s best interests at heart.

It is crucial that you seek your own answers because at the end of the day, no one will go to the lengths you will for your sweet child.

Only you will know what is right and best for your own family. Trust your maternal instincts, we were given them for a reason.