Time and time again we are told vaccines don’t cause Eczema and Allergies. I am living proof that they do.

“It’s genetic“ is something we all hear way to often. Throughout my childhood my “faulty genes” were held responsible when the vaccine industry should have been.

After having my immunisations at 3 months old my Eczema appeared on different parts of my body. Doctors couldn’t give us a reason why suddenly I had all these Allergies and Eczema, and it was palmed off as genetic or just bad luck. As the years went on my Allergies and Eczema became worse which led me to years of topical steroids, antihistamines and antibiotics for the constant Eczema infections.

I spent 11 years in and out of hospital having my whole body bandaged and then doctors pushed for immunosuppressants which we refused. I am now off the steroids and still suffer from the side effects of these terrible drugs. This condition has been so debilitating, life-changing and unfair and I 100% believe it could have been prevented. This journey has been tough though it’s opened my eyes to educate myself for my children’s sake. I share my story in hope that other parents will read this and investigate.

To many parents are not fully informed and are finding out the hard way when it’s too late.

Alanah xx

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