“My beautiful daughter lived every day of her life to the fullest before she got her 18 month MMRV and DTPa vaccines.
Alina “Ali” was born healthy and a happy little bundle of love. After that day when Ali received her vaccines, she started sleeping a lot, stopped playing, lost all interest in food. Childcare sent me a message checking if Ali had been okay because she was sleeping a lot and looked extremely tired.
A week after the vaccine, she still refused to eat anything and didn’t play with anyone. She refused the bottle and the next minute I saw her face stiffen to the left and her jaw was clamping.
We called an ambulance and Paramedics said they had never seen this kind of seizure before and they just didn’t  know what to do. It took us 55 minutes to get to the hospital and Ali continued to seize throughout the entire journey.
Two days later she seized again, and I was told by the Neurologist, “Don’t worry about your daughter. She will be fine – her MRI looks good. She is the most well of all the babies on the ward and she will not die.”
We went back home and were given Keppra to treat Ali’s epilepsy. Within a week, Ali had her third seizure, and Ali never returned home after that day.
Ali died in my arms in a fairy garden at the hospital.”
~ Rajni Sharma, Alina’s Mother.

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