“Speak, even when your voice shakes”

The quote that was made famous recently written by a brave little girl called Dolly who took her own life due to bullying at 14 years old.

Well Dolly, this is something that makes my voice shake. And, I’ve even tried to convince myself that it’s enough that I know and that I’m now able to protect my family so it’s okay for me to stay silent. But it’s not okay, and I just keep getting the message that I have to speak up. I have to do more.

I know this topic is something people like to turn a blind eye to because of the stigma that surrounds it. This is a word that when I started to know I needed to ask more questions, it wasn’t just my voice shaking, it was my whole body trembling.

Because who was I to question the ‘experts’ even when my gut feeling was screaming at me that something wasn’t right. I just thought it was the done thing. And that people who didn’t do it were just ‘a bit weird’. Until I met some of those people and realised they were just like me. Well kind of just like me, but maybe just a little bit braver. They were so tuned into their children and themselves that they connected the dots where most of us would remain unaware. They did their own research instead of just following the crowd. They made choices from an informed place rather than just doing as they were told. Yep, they were braver, much braver.

I think back to when my first two babies were born. I wore their vaccinations like a proud badge. I didn’t even know I had a right to a choice. In the hospital I wasn’t informed by anyone that the Hep B vaccination given to babies at birth was totally unnecessary for our family. I wasn’t informed of the risks or the possible effects in full. It makes me sick to my stomach and riddled with guilt that I didn’t even know that I had a right to ask questions, that I could request more information, that I could actually say no. And most of the rage I feel about this is knowing that there are so many Mums out there exactly the same as I was.

Not only that, but there are so many mums that have noticed that something was not quite right following vaccinations and maybe not even linking it up because they are told that it’s something else or that it’s completely normal. Now that I know what I know, I also feel embarrassed that I didn’t even know what a vaccine really was, I mean do you know? We should definitely know this don’t you think – all I knew [and trusted] was that ‘vaccines are completely safe and effective’ the same bullshit line we get fed over and over again in the mainstream media.

It wasn’t normal that my 2nd baby cried a lot and was highly aggressive and angry. It wasn’t because he was ‘just being a boy’. It wasn’t normal that his digestive system was totally screwed and it wasn’t normal that some of the behaviours he was displaying came from nowhere and had absolutely no explanation. And I had no idea that vaccines were the cause of these issues we faced with him. I look back now and see how I blamed myself and thought that I was just a terrible mum with an out of control child. That’s what makes me the saddest, that all these families behind closed doors are dealing with these vaccine injuries totally unaware, and they think it’s them that is doing something wrong.

NO, it’s not your fault and NO, it’s not normal.

My beautiful, sensitive baby boy was one of those children that could not handle the concoction of chemicals being injected into his little body at every doctors visit.

My advice to others like me that I wish someone had told me. Request the FULL PACKAGE INSERT and read it in full or find it online.

You will be absolutely shocked at the list of ‘side effects’. Things you would never even make the connection, like breathing and sleep problems, eczema, behavioural issues, food allergies, rashes, high fevers, seizures…the list sadly goes on and on and on and on.

I am still waking up to more ways in which our whole family have been affected by vaccines. The more I learn the more heartbreaking it becomes but it also gives me fuel to fight for our children’s rights.

I am not telling you not to vaccinate, I’m telling you to make an informed choice. It’s our responsibility as parents to be aware of the risks and then make a choice because our children can’t do that for themselves.

Don’t just believe what you hear on the radio, see on your social media or on the TV. These corporations profit from your choice to stay oblivious to this.

There’s people that need to hear this and that’s who I’m writing this for.

If you are just using Google, mainstream media and government articles and websites for your research, you are not getting the whole story. You need to dig deeper, reach out for help if you have to. I know myself, and many others like me who are SO willing to be there for anyone who has questions and I am so blessed that I had people in my life who supported me in this way when I needed it, before my son was to receive his 4yr vaccination that I know would have had dire consequences on our lives.

I was scared shitless and I understand if you are too but we MUST look at this.

My own research has absolutely broken my heart, I have cried tears and tears as I listened to stories of other families who weren’t as lucky as us and I thank God that I woke up and asked questions before it was too late.

Yeah it’s hard. It’s hard to find the time, it’s hard to actually look at something that’s uncomfortable, it’s hard to go against the grain. But what’s more important to you?

BE THE VOICE FOR YOUR CHILDREN because believe me when I say that nobody else is going to do it for you and there is absolutely no ones voice you should trust above your own. EVER.

Know ALL of the facts, before you vaccinate.

– By Danni K

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