My son is a twin to his little sister, he was born premature at 35 weeks.. perfect and healthy.

Here in Australia, NSW, vaccines are to be given at 6 weeks not corrected age, so Darcy received his 6 week needles at 1 week old corrected age.

After Darcy and his twin sister Jada had their needles, Darcy had come up with a fever and the doctor and nurse had told me to just give him some Panadol and I did. Everything was fine after that, back to his usual self in no time. On March 18 2019, I woke up around 6am for Darcy’s feed time, everything was fine he finished his bottle had a burp and back to sleep we both went.

I then woke up around 10am to roll over and find my son cold, with a reddish bubble of blood hanging out of one of his nostrils, I rubbed my eyes as I thought I was dreaming, I started screaming and my partner had woke up.

I already knew and I felt sick struggling to catch a breath. I picked my son up and was screaming “Darcy Darcy wake up, JUST WAKE UP”. I’m ringing emergency services as my partner is holding Darcy’s lifeless body begging for him to wake up. Emergency instructions were to lay him flat on his back and tilt his head forward just a little bit and 5 compressions and 2 breaths, I was only pushing softly as I didn’t want to hurt him. 10 minutes into compressions and I ended up breaking chest bones, every breath would come come back up with blood and spots of milk. Paramedics arrived, ran inside ripped him off the floor and ran to the ambulance with him.

I laid on the floor just praying that they would get him back, his is my best friend and my whole world, I keep saying you can’t do this to me.

I ran outside to the ambulance screaming what’s happening and why won’t he open his eyes, with no answer from the paramedics I’m screaming louder, they race him off to hospital. I have to meet him there as there is no room for me in his ambulance. I get to the resus room and all I can see is blood, blood all over my sweet little baby’s body.

I see them lift a baby blanket and the doctor says “I’m sorry, there was nothing more we could do”. I almost hit the floor and my partner catches me I’m screaming “NO please try again he will wake up please!!”. I then sat in a hospital room for 6 hours holding Darcy’s little cold body to my chest begging him to wake up, and asking why and how he died.

He is the healthiest, strongest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen. My only answer was vaccines. When I had mentioned vaccines to the coroner she instantly shut me down with “doctors wouldn’t give these to people if it lead to death”.

I was shocked and replied “vaccines are not one size fit all…”.

I’m still waiting for answers from the coroner as to what happened to my boy…

– Brooke Hughes



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