I actually really struggle to not take pro-vaccine articles that friends and family share personally.

Especially those who know, love and are close to Ed and know or have seen me post about his circumstances.

For those of you who don’t or are new in our lives, I used to be JUST LIKE YOU.

I was honestly the most pro-vaccine person, I used to post those inflammatory propaganda articles that recite the same thing over and over again, “the science is settled” “vaccines are safe and effective” “doctors and nurses know best”.

I used to get into arguments with anti-vaxxers on Mums pages, I used to flood those same pages with pro-vaccine articles and I used to say things like “just vaccinate your fucking kid”…..until the things they were trying to warn us about happened to my own son.

Quite a few of you who have been around since Ed was a baby may remember we were often in and out of hospital, he would have high fevers of over 40 for more than a week, he would go through stages of being so unwell we would bring him into the emergency room every night for 3 days straight only to be turned away and told it was a common childhood ailment; teething, a virus, a bug.

It’s funny how you don’t even make the connection when you’re in the thick of it, I literally did not even think to question if it were the vaccines he had had the day before, the week before, a few hours before. I was that adamant that I was doing what was best for my child and of course the doctors didn’t pick up on it either.

We were fortunate enough to have met an incredible lady who had been following Ed’s issues through a friend of mine actually had enough concern to talk to me about the possibility of Ed reacting to the vaccines.

My incredible Aunty also was brave enough to talk to me and share some information with me.

It literally took me over a year to bring myself to actually start to research and read the papers. It was hard emotionally to try and comprehend something that proved all I had been told wrong and also that made so much sense in regards to Ed’s health issues.

Looking back on the timeline of Ed’s life and connecting dots of when he was sick and when he struggled most, they mostly coincided with when he was vaccinated.

I literally have photos of Ed 2 days before his 4 month vaccines, he looks perfect, I’ll post them with this and I want you to take notice of his eyes.

The same day of his vaccinations my sister posted on Instagram about how Ed wasn’t feeling well and he had a temperature, I remember that and he literally just slept or cried/ whinged. A few days later I posted a photo on Instagram and his eyes are turned in, I remember being concerned and asking our doctor and also our MCHN about it and they both said it is common and if it goes on for too long then he may need surgery.

Both of them failed to mention that facial, eye and spinal asymmetry is actually caused by a mini stroke which does damage to the cranial nerves.

Does your child smile drop on one side? Does your child eye point inwards?

Ed’s did and not one medical professional picked up on it.

These are warning signs that your child is not coping with their vaccines.

I remember when Ed was a baby he had Eczema off and on for months, I remember calling my Nanna crying because I didn’t know what to do anymore, he was in so much pain from it and nothing we tried helped it.

We tried creams, rubs, steroids… nothing helped it. Looking back now it coincides with his vaccines and eventually went away at around 10 months, 4 months after his 6 months vaccines but then came back with a vengeance at 12 months, it was then that I gave him Epsom salt and bentonite clay baths which really helped and eventually got rid of the eczema on his body, leaving it on his lips and mouth and around his eyes.

It absolutely broke my heart reading about Nick Catone’s (MMA fighter) little boy who died after his 18 month shots. Nick talks about the “common childhood ailments” his son had too and they were EXACTLY the same as Eds, we were just lucky enough to have him with us still.

Other signs were uncontrollable bowel movements, he had this for two weeks straight after his 6 month and 12 month vaccines. His poo was like acid and it just destroyed the skin on his bum, he was red raw. I know we are told that the rotavirus oral vaccine has the possibility to do this and to be vigilant in hand washing and contamination but were you aware that the MMR vaccine your baby receives at 12 & 18 months have been proven to destroy their gut health?

Then there was the aggression and anger that started at 19 months, everyone put it down to testosterone surges but did you know that kids with chronic inflammation can act out aggressively because they just don’t know how to cope?

Now reading and learning about all this stuff was heartbreaking and infuriating but what hurt the most was when Ed’s Naturopath ordered a Mineral and Heavy Metals test after I didn’t agree with a diagnosis she was pushing, she tried saying he had Pyrrole’s Disorder, which made sense…until his test came back negative but she wanted to treat him for Pyrrole’s regardless because it couldn’t be anything else.

I had read online that heavy metal poisoning can cause an array of behavioural issues as well as effect minerals in the body, gut health and sleep.

Do you know what the main adjuvant (the ingredient used to aggravate and cause an immune response in the body) in most vaccines is?

Ed’s results came back off the charts for ALUMINIUM, on an adult scale. Aluminium is used in 25 of the 36 vaccines given to Australian children by the time they are 18 months old. Now we all come into contact with Aluminium and we all have some level of it in our bodies but that is what our detoxing systems are for, when aluminium is injected into the muscle it doesn’t go through those systems.

Do you know what the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is? Are you aware that this barrier protects your brain from heavy metals and bacteria? Did you know that a child BBB is open from birth and doesn’t close until they are at least 2? Did you know that the ingredient Polysorbate 80 actually allows toxins to “joyride” through the BBB and into your child’s brain?

We initially thought that these heavy metals were environmental and that Ed’s detoxing organs mustn’t be working effectively which is what caused the build up, he had some tests done last month that checked his liver and kidneys ability to detox, Ed’s DOCTOR (we had to see this Dr for another issue and have been seeing her since) nearly fell off her seat when they came back perfect. I had to sit there and explain to his DOCTOR that the only thing that it could be then was the vaccines and she reluctantly AGREED.

Do you know what Aluminium toxicity can do? Are you aware of the studies in which prove that high levels of aluminium have been found in the brains of people who have died of Alzheimer’s and most recently in the brains of people on the Autism spectrum? Did you know that aluminium toxicity can also cause bone disease, anemia and encephalopathy.

I know it’s hard to comprehend and I know its infuriating when something challenges everything you know but please know that I don’t share the information I share out of malice or arrogance, I share because I know there are people out there going through the same issues we have gone through and are feeling just as fed up, frustrated and alone as we once did.

Until we had some beautifully selfless people reach out and I am forever grateful to those people.

Please know that it really fucking hurts to see people share those articles that have nothing to back up their words other than hearsay and superiority, especially as we did vaccinate our son for his and the health of those around him and now we will be spending a lifetime healing him from the damage it has done.

Please know that it isn’t as easy and as black and white as the media and government make it out to be.

But most of all please know that I’m sharing with love and kindness.

Thank you so much Tay!


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