I come from a pro-vax family.

When I was pregnant with my son my husband gave me multiple books on vaccination.

One of those books was ‘Well Adjusted Babies’… it created a little doubt in my mind.

I went back and forwards with my husband and he left the decision in my hands.

I thought I researched.

My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3. But his story is not what I want to tell you today.

I want to tell you the story of my daughter.

I questioned vaccines hard with our medical team up to and after my daughters birth. Ultimately I trusted them and the system again.

After EVERY single vaccine my daughter reacted. She would be covered in hives from head to toe.

But still I would go in for the next scheduled dose and while this is the same doctor and it’s all documented on my daughters file they still allowed us to continue.

18 month vaccination time.

My daughter was covered in welts immediately after the vaccine.

She stayed this way for hours.

1 week later she landed in hospital with chicken pox. Yes varicella. It lasted a few days.

3 weeks later we end up in hospital again. Again with chicken pox.

I was assured it was rare but a normal part of the vaccination process.

At the 3 week mark my daughter started bleeding from the bowel.

She all of sudden was allergic to dairy and gluten.

The child that ate everything and anything now did not want to eat at all.

Fast forward to the 6 week mark and my daughter gets an ear infection.

We end up at Randwick children’s hospital at the audiologist because my daughter has gone DEAF. Yes folks, read the insert. Apparently it’s common to lose hearing with the MMR vaccine. But don’t worry they say it should return.

3 month mark my daughter has her adenoids removed and grommets inserted.

Three months later after she has suffered multiple bouts of tonsillitis my daughter one day wakes up a different child.

She has 4 motor tics, a vocal tic, severe separation anxiety AND intrusive thoughts. She is 2. 5 years old.

Just three weeks after this sudden onset my daughter had her tonsils removed and was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition pans/ pandas.

Pans/ pandas is a faulty farking immune system.

How does this happen…. it happens by the immune system being overloaded with too many things too quick.

So rather than my daughter getting a fever or a little sniffle now when she is around people that are sick. Her immune system is faulty so it fights the antibodies on her brain. The antibodies on her basal ganglia. Once triggered she gets 4 motor tics, vocal tics, refuses food, can’t control her bladder and has Seaver separation anxiety. But wait don’t forget the intrusive thoughts.

You will be happy to know that I am successfully recovering my children.

Recovery is possible.

With detox, bacteria balancing and support.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Be strong. Be brave and listening to your mummy gut… it’s never ever wrong!

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