I am a mum to two beautiful boys.

In May 2016, I was pregnant with what was going to be the last addition to my little family. I was feeling fantastic no morning sickness and I fell pregnant easily. I booked in to see my new GP to get my referral and confirmation blood test. The standard procedure. We were heading into the cooler months in Canberra and my GP wanted to give me the flu shot. I had only just started discussing vaccines with a close friend as we had both started hearing the words ‘vaccine injury’. I didn’t want to take it, I’d never had it before and specifically commented that I did not have it with any other pregnancy so why now? The doctor was very insistent and with those magic words “to protect the fetus” gave me a half shot.


A heart beat! The indescribable feeling when you have made the first trimester. Everything seemed to be fine.


Bleeding. Disaster. What happened?  The scan I will never forget. My little man, yes I confirmed it was another boy, was curled up, not moving, no heartbeat. A picture etched into my memory forever. I love you and I am so sorry.


It was October 2016 I was pregnant again, easy, all with the belief that there must have been something wrong with the prior pregnancy and these things just happen.


Another loss.




My Obstetrician did the usual tests on the fetus and autoimmune tests on me and saw nothing wrong.

While looking into vaccine injury I was coming across Autistic children being recovered, some 100%, and no media coverage? To me this information should have been shouted from rooftops, so why wasn’t it?

I was also hearing the words “MTHFR gene mutation”. I contacted Sarah in New Zealand. Sarah’s son had this mutation, regressed into severe autism and was in a wheelchair after vaccines. She recovered her son who recently received the all clear from autism, has a drivers license and wakeboards. Headaches and a small facial twitch are the only remains of the vaccine damage.  A long road to recovery but she did it.

I shared my story with Sarah and she was confident that I had the MTHFR gene mutation.

I requested the MTHFR test. On receiving the results, my Obstetrician said he saw no issues. With no answers I decided I didn’t want to try for another baby and just put it down to one of those things.




Something was different with these pregnancies. My gut was huge like I was 6 months pregnant when I was only a few weeks and I had headaches. I never have headaches. I thought it was hormones and didn’t think too much about it at the time. The headaches got worse. The inflammation in my gut got worse. I was struggling to think and look after my boys. One boy was 5 the other was 3. I was having one good day in 3, then one good day in 5, then one good day in 10.  Bath time with the boys involved me lying on the floor because I couldn’t lift my head.

My 5 year old had to read bedtime stories to my 2 year old because I had to go to bed. I assured them both “daddy will be home soon to tuck you in”. I had fatigue. TV, kids laughing, talking, I couldn’t deal with it, it was too much, my head. I even went through a red light. Should I even be driving?




I am a fit person there had to be something wrong. Before the pregnancies I was deadlifting 100kgs. I loved to exercise. I had energy. This just wasn’t me.

I requested a copy of my results, I wanted to see what autoimmune tests my Obstetrician had done. I was determined to work out why I was sick. On receiving a copy of the results, it was clear I had the MTHFR gene mutation. The Obstetrician saw no issues because he had never heard of the gene mutation before.

I have 2 mutations one from my mum and one from my dad. I have the A1298C snip which means my body detoxes at around 20%. Yes, that means 80% of the heavy metals and toxins stay in my body if I don’t actively detox. I believe this is why I love exercise so much because intrinsically I knew it made me feel better.

I started the vaccine injury protocol which is the same for autistic children – diet and detox. This is because vaccines include a number of heavy metals and toxins and certain foods and detox methods help remove these from the body safely.

Below is only some of the issues I had;


  1. Brain inflammation (a listed adverse reaction to vaccines)
  2. Leaky gut (holes in the stomach lining)
  3. Chronic candida (thrush of the gut)
  4. Adrenal fatigue (no energy)




So how is the MTHFR gene mutation linked to miscarriages? The vaccines overloaded my system with heavy metals and toxins. I couldn’t detox from the overload and it started what can only be described as a traffic jam. My blood was turning into toxic soup. Thick toxic blood doesn’t support pregnancies as it can’t penetrate the cells of the fetus. This is when the body will abort the pregnancy.

I spoke to a fertility/IVF specialist to confirm my understanding. She confirmed my understanding to be true. She also informed me that she had started discussing the MTHFR gene mutations with some of her clients. The 2 methods of dealing with the issue are;

  1. Clean the blood naturally through diet and detox; or
  2. The use of blood thinners.




I understood the science implicating vaccines, it is very clear to me how it contributes to problems in the body including miscarriage and autism. I was now at the crossroads. I didn’t know anyone who was vaccine injured or claimed to be vaccine injured. If this was true where were these people in my world, in my family?

I began discussing Autism recovery never touching on vaccine injury. The number of people in my world and in my family who opened up and started to talk about their vaccine injury blew me away. They don’t talk about it because no one wants to hear or acknowledge the injury, not even doctors. They are also still recovering from the pain of what they allowed unknowingly to happen to their children.

In trying to alert the public to vaccine injury I found that “vaccines do not cause Autism” studies are brought up to shut down the conversation. I highly doubt the people using these studies have actually  read them otherwise they would know the studies actually say – statistically there was no significant increase in autism rates when comparing a fully vaccinated group to a group that are fully vaccinated except for 1 vaccine. Anyone with common sense can see how significantly flawed this approach is when actually looking at the problem.

The studies I am interested in and best explain what is happening discuss what certain heavy metals and toxins (the ones included in vaccines) do in the body, how they move around the body and how they end up in the brain. On the flip side the other studies show how to remove heavy metals and toxins out of the body and the recovery on the system such as autism. I’m pretty sure we are not comparing apples with apples studies here.




I now knew the truth, so far in, that I would never be able to surface again. I could see, and I could hear these devastating stories of injury and loss, hitting me right in the heart.

My cousin Karen is over 50. Her grandmother found her not breathing in her crib after vaccines. If her grandmother hadn’t found her she would have been what we call SIDS today. The doctor told my Aunty ‘yes your baby has had a bad reaction to the vaccines and we should space them out from now on’.

How did the doctor know that 50 years ago and doctors today refuse to make the connection?

Simon is a lawyer and worked for my husband. He has a son who is autistic and nearly 20. His son regressed into autism after vaccines. This was the first time Simon had opened up about what happened to his son. Simon told me “I’m a lawyer and I know you can’t fight the pharmaceutical companies and I know what happened to my child”. I send you lots of love and courage Simon and hope you write your story one day too.

I’m a Chartered Accountant and have performed due diligence and audits. Another shut down tactic by the blind and deaf is you are not a doctor or a scientist what would you know. I’ll tell you what I know;

  1. I know how to critically look at an issue;
  2. I know you go to source and never rely on hearsay;
  3. I listened and spoke to expert doctors and scientist in this area and confirmed with industry specialists I knew personally;
  4. I reviewed and confirmed the studies these Industry specialists were referencing. Yes there are doctors and scientists with an opposing view to the mainstream;
  5. I did my own investigations with the public, my family and friends;
  6. I spoke to people in all sorts of industries concerning these issues;
  7. I have seen recovery which strongly suggest there is a correlation;
  8. I understand statistics and what they really tell you and how that can be manipulated to get the required result (aka COOKED)

What scares me the most is in the 80’s they decided to use 2 aborted fetuses in the manufacture of 2 vaccines. The MMR and Chickenpox. This change in manufacture has a strong link to cancer. Dr Theresa Diesher is a leading expert in this field. She has also testified in front of a number of governments.

The problem is that there are fragments of DNA, that cannot be avoided, included in the vaccine.  These fragments are easily and readily taken up by our babies stemcells creating mutations. In making the vaccines the cell lines have been replicated for over 40 years and are classified as immortal.

If you know anything about cancer you know that the mother cell is classified as an immortal, mutated stemcell. I don’t believe this concept is hard to understand.

Vaccine inserts opening state they have never been tested for mutagenic properties. If you listen to Dr Theresa Diesher there was a study performed on a group of boys. The results were 85% of the boys ended up with leukemia. The experts on that study decided to ignore the results and theorise over a boardroom table instead. Anyone else see a problem here?

What this means is our children, yes mine too because I vaccinated them, have a cancer lotto going on inside their bodies. When these immortal, mutated stem cell are eventually called upon by the body to do their job they will activate and start producing cancer daughter cells.

If you or your children have been vaccinated you have been injured whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

My investigations have even gone further than the above. I have had private conversations with industry leaders and know you don’t vaccinate police dogs and farmers are now questioning and some ceasing the chemical farming including vaccinations. Yes you should be very worried about what is ending up on your plate.




Am I better? Yeah I’m better. I’m fit and I’m strong thanks to all the very special and dedicated people combating this issue. The ironic thing is though I have had the flu every year since having that flu shot so much for protecting me from the flu.

I am concerned though because I’m an adult and I had a hard time working out and communicating what was wrong with me, how on earth is a little baby new to the world going to tell you?

I believe the below is a matter of urgency.

  1. Inquiry into vaccine injury and the corruption behind the scenes between the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, media and the government.
  2. Vaccine safety.
  3. Vaccine injury compensation.
  4. Legal liability being held by the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Informed choice.
  6. Recognising and treating vaccine damage.

I understand you are scared and want to do what is best for your loved ones. But you need to understand there is a problem with vaccines and this problem isn’t going away by you ignoring it.




To the doctor whom I believed injured me – thank you for injuring me and not injuring my children.


My Mum – thank you for ringing me every day to check on me at such a low time in my life.


My husband – thank you for not leaving me while I spent 6 months in bed and on the couch hardly talking and doing the bare minimum. I’m sure it was lonely and the 2 day dinner menu rotation was getting tough.


My children – thank you for stepping up when mama was sick. I will always put you first my loves, you are my life.


Jen – thank you for being there for the whole journey. I couldn’t have done this without you listening to the research with me and answering my questions.


The vaccine injured – thank you for not taking the status quo, speaking up and finding recovery. Your journeys were long and tough. I wish you peace.


Simon – thank you for confiding in me and giving me permission to start your story.


Karen – thank you for giving me permission to share your story in mine. I hope those in our family who didn’t know now know.


The healers – thank you, you know who you are  please keep safe.


Me – I thank Me for breaking through and waking up and healing. I am brave and I am strong.


By, Kathryn M


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