Liberate Her

8 WEEK ONLINE PROGRAM that will break mainstream consciousness!!!


This online program is like nothing Australia has seen here in the “wellness world” before.


Teaming up for the first time together in this program will be special guest experts to help you along the 8 weeks of transformation.


We are going where no one else has gone before in 1 online program covering topics such as vaccines to glyphosate, 5G to fluoride, home birth to microbiome seeding.



  • Pre-conception Care
  • Pregnancy
  • Birthing Rights
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Low-Tox Everything
  • Medical Freedom
  • The Power of Intuition
  • Trusting Maternal Instincts
  • Choosing YOU first


We are diving deep into EVERYTHING you need to know in order to make truly informed choices from pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond!

The definition of LIBERATE is to set someone FREE…

Are you ready to say goodbye to a fear-mongering, disempowering system and hello to freedom, to liberation?!




  • You are ready to reclaim and take back your power
  • You want to understand how to have a healthy, thriving baby from before they’re even conceived
  • You want to have an empowered pregnancy and birth experience
  • You want to do things differently to mainstream and understand all of your options
  • You are are planning on starting a family soon and raise healthy children outside of the system
  • You want to feel proud and strong in your convictions as a woman and Mother
  • You have a beginners mind-set and are a student of life
  • You want to empower yourself with information now so that you can transition into Motherhood fiercely confident in your choices
  • You want to know, learn and embody how to raise healthy children naturally without fear
  • You put everyone else (kids, partner, family) first before yourself which is no longer serving your highest good but you don’t know how to choose you without the guilt
  • You are already a young Mother but want to move into a more healing, empowered, holistic space of parenting with the practical tools you need to leave behind ineffective patterns for good




  • You have already done years of work to feel informed and confident in your parenting choices
  • You thoroughly understand the importance of gut health, low-tox living, natural therapies when it comes to overall health
  • You don’t plan to have any more children
  • You can’t commit to 8 weeks of showing up online and being true to your word
  • You have a sound knowledge on how to raise children naturally




  • 4 x group coaching calls per topic (via Zoom)
  • 6 x guest expert coaching calls per topic (via Zoom)
  • 2 x support sisters
  • 4 x worksheets including challenges and resources
  • Unlimited support and access to the exclusive ‘LIBERATE HER’ Facebook group throughout the full 8 weeks.
  • Ongoing accountability support from your assigned support sister throughout the full 8 weeks.
  • A new soul tribe full of epic, game-changing, fierce and powerful women

If you know me you’ll know I over deliver and over give with every ounce of my heart and soul because #ICARE so there will be more in the program than what is listed here!



“Trust your heart and seek your own answers as no one will go to the lengths you will for your child.”

– Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani



Maternal instincts are what has gotten us here since the beginning of time. A Mother’s love that knows no bounds. Nurturing, protecting and safeguarding the children of the world.

A groundbreaking parenting program is here to facilitate a learning environment that will give you access to tools, resources and leading experts you need to stand fiercely strong and confident in your choices.

A safe container to help you raise children outside of  disempowering system that manipulates us into making choices out of fear.

This program has been intentionally packaged to leave you feeling empowered, embodying your truth, knowing how to make informed decisions – from pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.


It’s time to take your power back.


Around the world a movement of informed Mothers is growing stronger.


We will not cave to the pressure of conforming to the status quo.


Join me as we walk away from a mainstream mindset, march together and pave our way to true freedom.