Raise Your Voice

“It is generally acknowledged that adverse events are under-reported around the world, with estimates that 90-95% of adverse events are not reported to regulators.”




The passive surveillance system in Australia results in a significant under-reporting of adverse reactions after vaccination. Most parents are unaware they can report adverse reactions themselves online.


Take this as your call to action to RAISE YOUR VOICE. Not just if you are vaccine-injured yourself or have a vaccine-injured child, family member or friend but for people who don’t and want to raise their voice on behalf of these precious souls too.

Together we rise. We are here in love and we will HEAR this now.

Too many families are suffering in silence and have gone unheard for too long.

This is a safe space to share from the raw, vulnerable, depths of your heart and soul.

This is a place to give us very personal insight and inspire everyone to learn the risk, investigate and educate before you vaccinate.


“Never deny someone their story. It is not your story, it is not your pain, it is not your healing.” – Najwa Zebian

Alina’s Story

“My beautiful daughter lived every day of her life to the fullest before she got her 18 month MMRV and DTPa vaccines. Alina “Ali” was born healthy and a happy…

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Darcy’s Story

My son is a twin to his little sister, he was born premature at 35 weeks.. perfect and healthy. Here in Australia, NSW, vaccines are to be given at 6…

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Eddie’s Story

I actually really struggle to not take pro-vaccine articles that friends and family share personally. Especially those who know, love and are close to Ed and know or have seen…

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Kristen’s Story

I had all my vaccinations from birth and throughout childhood had consistent infections, colds, flu’s, eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes, stomach and digestion issues, I was basically always sick and no,…

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Alanah’s Story

Time and time again we are told vaccines don’t cause Eczema and Allergies. I am living proof that they do. “It’s genetic“ is something we all hear way to often.…

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