I have to remind myself how far I have come.
On days like today where I feel washed out and weak, sinuses flared up and body aching it makes all the difference to have perspective.
Remember how things used to be. And how they are now.
This is my vaccine injury story in brief and the experience of injury of my first daughter and thriving of my second.
I often say my story may not be important, bad or severe enough to have the need to be shared. Yes that may be relevant on some level but on another I feel my sharing can be so powerful to understand what we believe as ‘normal’ to actually be vaccine injury. To see the pain, heartache, exhaustion, frustration, anger and sadness it has brought into our life.
My mother worked for pharmaceutical companies from when I was 6 years old.
I grew up with trust into the medical establishment and handing my power over to someone who supposedly knows better.
I was born at home in Germany and delivered by a midwife. I wasn’t vaccinated until I was put through on a catch up schedule from the age of 3.
Pretty much all I remember from my childhood is pain. Falling asleep with earaches every night, blocked sinuses, continued operations, aching body, thyroid issues, fatigue, brain fog, etc and when I started my period at 13 horrendous pain all the way through until I was 34.
I always looked well on the outside while I crumbled on the inside.
I understand that one may say this can be caused by other events. It doesn’t matter to me though, I see clearly, especially after hearing so many other stories it all makes perfectly sense if you are open to listen to the parents.
I used to go to the doctor on a weekly basis sobbing as I felt so unwell and the pain crippled me. Never was a doctor able to help me.
Instead have been able to heal with the support of fantastic holistic practitioners, a lot of self work and commitment to doing everything I can every day to get better.
I gave birth to my first daughter in 2004 at the age of 24.
As of my upbringing I did what I thought was right even though holding her for the injections did feel wrong and one has this interesting dialog in the mind that you are being good by complying.
My daughter is to this day unwell. Consistently.
Starting with asthma, eczema, stomach pains that couldn’t be explained, insomnia, ear infections, colds, period pain and so on.
We now regularly see an acupuncturist and health coach as once again doctors in my experience are unable to give any functional support.
Parents need to understand the complete exhaustion that goes along with a child that is always unwell and what it means spending every dollar you have as single mother on supplements and treatments to get your child better. And that not just for a few weeks but now for 13 years.
In 2015 I had my second daughter and now being able to see through my own healing journey I needed to overcome one more step – fear. The fear and guilt that is put forward by the doctors and pharmaceutical industry.
So she never had an injection and is healthy and thriving which is just simply mind boggling for me. I have never experienced anything like it or seen in any friends families, unless they are unvaccinated, then the experiences line up.
I have a team of health practitioners available for support and homoeopathically immunised her.
Having a child that doesn’t get sick allows you to see what it it is meant to be like and parenthood is not meant to be so terribly draining. We are meant to share joy and not sit by the bed of a sick child researching what else possible could help.
So I ask you today, am I a ‘bad’ mother for looking at everything possible to support my child’s health and not continue with what I saw caused harm?
Myself and children tested positive for the MTHFR gene mutation.
Rut Frohlich

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